Cusinati is a company with a long history of quality, passion, expertise and professionalism. A history based entirely in Verona that preserves its local roots while looking to the future. The company was founded in 1946 as a wholesaler of electrical equipment for civil installations and in the 1970s branched out towards the industrial sector and the marketing of lighting products to complete a wide range of products for installers and industries.

The need to meet the demands coming from the industrial automation market led to the expansion of the group, and the creation of the Cusinati Automazione division in 1998. The company now has a turnover of 14.5 million euros and 40 employees working in the distribution, automation and lighting divisions. Cusinati has been part of the Telmotor Group since April 2016.

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Mission / A valuable identity

Cusinati Srl is a reliable and capable partner because it does everything with expertise, professionalism and courtesy.

The technical and sales staff follow customers in all phases of the work, with the quality and expertise that have always distinguished the company. The staff receive continuous training to ensure an excellent service concluded by safe and fast shipments.

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